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Party Games for 2-5 Year Old Children

What’s a party without some games?! Today I’m going to list ten of my favorite party games and activities for 2-5 year olds. For this age group a simple activity or “everyone wins” game is best. We want all the kids to have fun!


1.  Painting a birdhouse or other craft they can take home after the party. This is a great option because it doubles as a party favor!

2.  Decorating Cupcakes or cookies. Another great activity and it even saves you the work of decorating them yourselves!

3.  Scavenger hunt (using a paper with pictures of items they need to find) or Treasure hunt games (like an Easter egg hunt)

4.  Obstacle course. A simple obstacle course can be made with items you already have or a park playground. Have a fun prize at the end!

5.  Pin the tail on the donkey games. These can easily be made to any theme; Pin the wheel on the tractor, pin the cherry on the tree, pin the ice cream on the cone, etc.

6.  Guess how many games. Guess how many candies are in the jar, I like to have little packs of the candy for everyone else while the child with the closest guess gets the jar.

7.  Ring toss games or bean bag toss games. You can allow the kids to get as close as you want depending on age.

8.  Duck pond games. Rubber ducks have prizes written on the bottom, kids pick one out of the pool and claim their prize. Orientaltrading.com has rubber ducks in almost every theme you can think of!

9.  Carnival fishing games. Kids fish for prizes over a wall/sheet.

10. Fruit loop or snack necklace (you don’t have to use just Fruit Loops!)

Top 10 Budget Friendly Treats For Your Next Party

Let’s face it, parties can get expensive. With the popularity of Pinterest now our inspiration boards are overflowing with adorable ideas in every theme we just have to try! Today I am sharing with you my top ten favorite budget friendly treats for your next party. You’ll see these treats in nearly all my parties because not only are they budget friendly, but they are easy to prepare (no culinary degree required!) and fan favorites every time.

top 10 party treats

1. Cereal Treats – The classic Rice Krispy treat never gets old. They take only three ingredients and minutes to make. If you’re using the gluten free Rice Krispies these are an excellent allergy friendly treat. Get creative like I did for this Playground Party. But don’t stop at Rice Krispies! These Kix cereal treats flew off the table at the Art Party!


2. Dipped Marshmallows – Another kids’ favorite and so easy to put together! Dipped marshmallows can be very basic, elegant or even as detailed as cake pops. Some of my favorites are these clown marshmallows and these paintbrushes.

clown marshmallows

3.  Dipped Pretzels – If you’re dipping marshmallows, why not dip some pretzels?! These are always the adult favorite at parties. Something about the sweet and salty makes these irresistible!


4. Donuts – There are plenty of donut pans and even donut makers available now, but you can also simply just purchase donuts or donut holes for an inexpensive and always popular treat.


5. Jell-O – One of my favorite treats growing up at family gatherings were Knox Blocks. It is easily poured into molds for any shape you can think of, like LEGOs. The flavor combinations are endless and even just cut into cubes it can have a huge impact on a party table.


6. Pudding – From dirt cups to alien slime or a yummy parfait, pudding can be many things at a party. A big batch costs merely pennies to make and with a little food coloring you can match any color scheme.


7. Popcorn – Popcorn is great as is, served plain in a large jar. You can buy a large amount for just a couple dollars. You can also easily dress it up; Caramel corn, candied popcorn or a popcorn bar with a variety of seasonings guests can add on their own are all great ideas. Combine popcorn with treat #1 and make popcorn balls!


8. Snack MixNuts n’ bolts, chick feed, trail mix; I’ve called snack mix many different names for parties. You can make your own with snacks you have on hand (think cereal, pretzels, dried fruit, nuts) or buy a pre-made bag for a couple dollars at the store.


9. Cereal – Cereal makes a great filler. I used Honey Comb cereal as a filler in the Honey Bee Baby Shower. We all love the colorful candy bars we see in all the Pinterest parties, but those can get expensive! Try finding a fun, colorful cereal and dividing up the colors for the same effect. How about a cereal bar for a sleepover?! It can also be a fun activity like I did here.


10. Lollipops – Lollipops can be found in nearly any color, flavor or theme. One of my favorite go-to site for themed lollipops is orientaltrading.com


Baby Shower Diaper Raffle {FREE DOWNLOAD}

A Diaper Raffle is a great way to help any new parents stock up on something  they will go through at an alarming rate! Download your FREE raffle tickets at the end of this post, print, cut and include one with each invitation. Guests will bring diapers and their ticket to the celebration where you can put them in a bowl and choose a random winner. The prize can be anything, but a small basket of candles, lotions or wine all make great prizes.



Download your free Diaper Raffle Tickets HERE.


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Race Car Party

race car party
This Race Car Party is sure to please the mini speed demon in your life. Check out these awesome treats that can be prepared in a flash!
Apple juice makes the perfect fuel for your guests. The bottles are from Sweet Party Shop and are dressed with Forever Your Prints’ Race Car themed labels.
Race Car cookies by Katie’s Creative Baking.DSC_9797DSC_9801DSC_9809DSC_9819The boys loved these race cars so much they made their very own for snacks all week!
Square race cookies by Cop Cakes.
Be sure to check out all my party plans here!
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Party Printables by Forever Your Prints
Party Design and Photography by Lemonberry Moon
Race Car and Flag Cookies by Katie’s Creative Baking
Square Race Car Cookies by Cop Cakes
Plastic Drink Bottles by Sweet Party Shop