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archery party

We celebrated Joshua’s 6th Birthday with an Archery Party this year. Having three (almost four!) boys this was long overdue and it was so much fun! Just like the Arcade Party┬áthis was a party that also involved a paid party room and activity. This meant that all I had to do was add a few creative touches and the rest was taken care of!


I am a big fan of cupcakes over a cake for the simple reason of less mess. They are already to be handed out, no cutting or fighting over the corner pieces! These toothpicks made the perfect “arrows” for my fondant targets.


We served pizza, soda and a Rice Krispy snack, all of which were consumed as quickly as possible so they could return to the shooting range at Archers Afield. The staff there was AMAZING! I was more than slightly fearful of a room full of 4-8 year olds shooting real bows and arrows, but our party helper was a pro and kept everything safe and fun.


I ordered the favors from Play Safe Toys. Can I just say… These. Are. Awesome. And foam tipped, whew! Each boy was able to take home a bow and three arrows as their party favor. The Birthday Boy even got a matching quiver! Order extra because your husband will want one…. and so will you!



View all my party plans here!



Party Styling and Photography by Lemonberry Moon

Favor Bows and Arrows by Play Safe Toys

Location Archers Afield

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