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Top 10 Budget Friendly Treats For Your Next Party

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top 10 party treats

Let’s face it, parties can get expensive. With the popularity of Pinterest now our inspiration boards are overflowing with adorable ideas in every theme we just have to try! Today I am sharing with you my top ten favorite budget friendly treats for your next party. You’ll see these treats in nearly all my parties […] Read more…

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A Halloween Treat – Jell-O Worms

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They look and feel real and will guarantee squeals of icky delight and double dog dares. These are very easy on the wallet, but they are time consuming. Plan on making these a few days in advance.     Ingredients:   100+ flexible plastic straws (bendable ones with ridges).  We found the larger diameter the […] Read more…


Homemade Slime Tutorial

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Similar to Gak, silly putty and noise putty you find in stores, this homemade slime will entertain your kids for hours! The homemade version doesn’t have that chemical smell and makes a much larger amount for pennies!   You can make the slime in any color you’d like, add glitter or a few drops of […] Read more…

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Creepy Crawly Lunch

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Are you looking for a fun Halloween lunch to send to school with your kids or maybe a quick dinner before they are off to fill up on buckets of candy? You’re in the right place! Nobody has time to spend on dinner when you’re fitting costumes, finding candy buckets and answering the door for […] Read more…

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