Giant Bubble Recipe

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Do you have a Bubble Party coming up or are you just looking for a fun activity to do with the kids? This is great for all ages and it’s easy to pull together.



Mix together:
10 cups of water
1 cup dish soap (Dawn works well)
*optional, but use for best results – Add 1/4 cup Glycerin (found in the pharmacy section of Whole Foods or New Seasons) or Corn Syrup
Let the solution sit (covered so it stays clean) overnight, it gets better the longer it sits!
Use a hula hoop to make giant bubbles around the kids or just make giant bubbles! Get creative; We found a tennis racket made a fun bubble toy as well!
If you put a stool in the middle of the pool and a towel just outside it will help to keep the solution and their feet clean. Then, when you are finished, put your remaining bubble solution in closed containers and use it for another day of fun!

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