Halloween Yarn Art Project

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We loved this fun art project as part of our homeschool curriculum this year. We took the popular string art craft and used canvas and brads instead of wood and nails. I’m sure the emergency room appreciates it.

Yarn art spider web

The boys had choices of spider webs, pumpkins, bats and ghosts that they could make and of course they both chose spiderwebs, but the other options would be awesome too! First they gave the canvas a light coat of paint and we let it dry. We printed out an image we liked and placed it over the dried canvas and used a thumbtack to poke holes where we would later put our brads. This made it easier to push the brads through later. We got our canvases and brads from Oriental trading here.

yarn art halloween

They picked their brad colors and pushed them through the pre-poked holes. Then they took their yarn and wrapped it around the brads. It was easy enough for the boys to do most of this  completely on their own. I did step on a few brads though, and let me tell you, if brads and Legos got in a fight, brads would win.

yarn art spider web corner yarn art spider web close

I loved their little spider and tied up fly details! These were lots of fun to do and will make great decorations for Halloween.

yarn art halloween

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