Let’s Dress Up!

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Theodore is all about Batman this year so we got him a Batman costume and sacrificed our 11 year old Yellow Lab to be his adorable sidekick.

oriental trading halloween costumesWe don’t usually dress the dogs up, but maybe we should because look at him!
Toddler batman and dog robin

Monkey had little choice, or opinion on, his costume this year. But seriously, how adorable is he?!

oriental trading monkey costume

After 14 years of Halloween costumes under my belt I’ve come to look for some specific things when costume shopping:

  • Warm if it’s for baby
  • Or very thin for my super sweaters (these two seriously run so hot all the time!) Thin enough that I can give them a light layer of clothing underneath, like pajamas. Easy peasy transition when you get home.
  • Minimal pieces. If it has pieces that can be lost I will lose them.
  • No fur. One of the things I love about this particular monkey costume is that it isn’t super fuzzy. Because new fuzzy costumes lose their fuzz all over EVERYTHING.
  • Something fn that they can use to play dress up all year long. We have a bag full of costumes from years past that the boys use to play dress up all the time. No point in purchasing an outfit for just one day!

monkey halloween costume from above infant toddler monkey costume We got our costumes from Oriental Trading Company here. What are your little ones going to be for Halloween this year?
{Products were received in return for a blog post on the costumes, but all opinions and photos are my own}

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