Healthy Pixie Sticks

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freeze dried fruit pixie sticks

This healthy version of Pixie Sticks (you know the sugar filled straws we all love) was such a hit with the kids. No food dyes, No added sugar, made with real fruits and even veggies! Take your favorite Thrive fruits and blend into a powder. Then simply use a funnel to fill your straw! We […] Read more…

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Budget Friendly Spring Wedding Ideas

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ot wedding 3

A gorgeous day of sunshine followed by more rain, Spring is almost here! It’s the perfect time of year to incorporate some living aspects to your wedding decor. Living plants can take your decor to the next level without breaking the bank. Take these Ceramic Flower Pots and add in some fresh herbs, one good size plant […] Read more…

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Free Printable Valentines

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black-gold valentines

Simple and gorgeous, these Valentines will class up any gift or be perfect on their own. Write a sweet note on back, attach a sticker, sucker or chocolate. Using the tools in my customizer you can even add a special message like “Love, Maya” on the front before printing! Download your free Valentines here! Read more…

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